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Sold Out! Banff & Jasper, Canada 2023 Elk Rut, Photography and Videography Workshop

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

This workshop takes place in one of the most incredible & beautiful places on earth ranging from Banff to Jasper Canada, and some other places along the way! We will focus on both photography and videography (for those interested in learning more about video work). I am suited to teach both on this trip however if only one area interests you that is perfectly fine!

Dates: September 22 - October 1st, 2023

9/22 and 10/1 are travel days only

Trip Details: The main focus of this workshop will be the elk rut. This is the peak time for activity such as bugling and fighting as the bulls are rounding up their harems. Other than elk, we will also look for other wildlife that MAY include, but are not limited to, moose, bears, coyote, great gray owls (they are here year-round but weather can impact their activity levels and chances of being seen) bighorn sheep and more. We will also visit many famous iconic landscapes such as Sunwapta Falls, Athabasca Falls, Peyto Lake, Moraine Lake and much more... We will spend some of the trip in Banff as well as in Jasper National Park hitting places along the infamous Icefields Parkway as well. The trip usually ends around a 50/50 split between wildlife and landscapes.

A typical day usually sees us venture out pre sunrise, shooting until mid-day where we will take a little break for lunch and a quick rest before heading back out in the afternoon. Some days, however, will be an all-day outing. There is a chance that when following elk, they can lead us pretty far from the vehicle so at times so light to moderate hiking may be necessary. Also, a couple of the landscapes required short hikes (uphill) to get to on smooth trails. These can be optional if you are not comfortable hiking.

This workshop/tour is open to photographers of any skill level however as mentioned there will be times where we may have to do some light to moderate walking/hikes if we decide to follow the elk and to get to a couple of the landscapes we will see. I will have bear spray in the off chance we run into a grizzly (although this did happen in the 2022 trip without incident from the bear)

Price: $5250.00 USD - Single Traveler / $4550 Per Person if Sharing a Room - $500 deposit due at the time of reservation with the balance due July 1, 2023. Payment non-refundable after August 1st due to reservations being finalized. I highly recommend travel insurance for this reason in case something comes up and you cannot make it. Please be aware that this is one of the most expensive and busiest times of the year here for tourists (which does not affect us much for wildlife) so, there is a possibility that we may stay a couple of nights in a condo rather than a hotel based on availability. If that does happen just know that the condos are actually nicer than most hotels here as they are brand new and high end. Each guest would still have their own private room, but this is just in the event that hotels may not be available on some nights.

*****To book this workshop or with any questions at all, please email me at *****

Price includes hotel accommodations and transportation once arriving in Calgary (YYC) International Airport.

Flight costs are not included. Meals are also not included.

Recommended gear: Long lens 400-600mm or a zoom lens. I personally use a 600mm f4 and 100-500mm which allows me to do wider shots of wildlife in scenic areas or when the animals are close.

Wide angle lens for landscapes, tripod, and filters (if you have them).

Extra shoes - I have jumped in the river several times or had to cross shallow creeks to get the perfect angles on some of the elk during my many visits here. So my feet are always wet here! But of course that is not required.

*****To book this workshop or with any questions at all, please email me at *****

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