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Costa Rica 2024 - Wildlife Workshop

Updated: Feb 12

Costa Rica Birds, Mammals and More! A Photography/Videography Tour

January 7-17, 2024

Leaders: Ron R Bielefeld and Harry Collins

I am pleased to be teaming up with my good friend Ron Bielefeld (Whistling Wings Photography) to offer this amazing tour of Costa Rica. Our tour will be centered on bird photography and videography (if interested in learning video, not required), but we also will pursue mammals including sloths and monkeys, and we will visit a location famous for tree frogs and snakes. We will visit different areas of the country including the cloud forest for hummingbirds and the beautiful quetzal. Our tour includes 9 full days of photography. So, if you like variety in your wildlife photography and video work, come on along with Ron and Me and experience a place like no other!

Days 1 and 11 are travel days with 9 full days of photography and travel in between.


After arriving in San Jose (SJO Airport) we will travel north for several days where we will target species like sloths, toucans, aracaris, honeycreepers, and a whole lot more! We will also make 1-2 stops at a location to photograph the iconic, red-eyed tree frog along with other types of frogs and snakes (some of which may be venomous) however this is in a controlled environment. We will also get to see the Arenal Volcano while in this area.

Next, we will head to the cloud forest where we will have the opportunity to see many types of hummingbirds up close, toucanets, and more! We will also head out on multiple guided tours in search of the resplendent quetzal.

After the cloud forest we will make our way up the pacific coast stopping at a national park well known for monkeys, sloths, lizards, birds and more. As we travel farther north along the coast, we will take a boat ride up a river where we will also search for different types of birds including multiple species of kingfishers, tiger herons just to name a few along with crocodiles. We will end up at a lodge that offers great opportunities to see scarlet macaws. All of the species listed here are just a small fraction of the many different types of animals we may see during our trip!


Dates: January 7-17, 2024 Degree of Difficulty: Low to Moderate

Prerequisites: open to all photographers of all skill levels 6 photographers (3 per leader)

6 Spots Available Cost: $5995 per person $650 deposit holds your spot*


Lodging at all Resorts - workshop dates only Daily transportation to wildlife locations - workshop dates only Photography instruction - workshop dates only

National Park Fees

Boat Tour

Guide Fees

Not Included:

Flights to and from Costa Rica Tips Meals not provided by any of the resorts/lodges Any optional excursions not included in above list

Please email me with any questions you may have or if you are interested in putting down a deposit at




Clothing Temperatures can vary on this tour, and it can be hot and humid, so pack accordingly. Though it is the dry season, there is always a small chance of rain, so remember to bring clothes that dry fast and/or rain jackets for yourself and camera gear. I suggest both long pants and shorts as we do not venture too far off trails. You may also want bug spray. The bugs are not as bad as you might expect, but better safe than sorry. We will spend a fair amount of time in vehicles between locations, so if you get motion sickness, I would advise bringing medicine.

Camera Equipment

  • Camera body or two; in case one malfunctions.

  • Long lens - I recommend at least a 400mm. 500mm or 600mm is ideal. I use a 600mm and also bring a 100-500mm lens.

  • Macro lens for the reptiles and amphibians, an alternative to a macro is a 70-200mm, or the Tamron/Sigma 150-600mm, canon 100-500mm, Sony 200-600mm Nikon 100-400mm etc.

  • Tripod or monopod.

  • Rain cover for your equipment as well as a lens cloth.

  • Laptop to back up photos and to participate in lightroom and photoshop lessons - not required but beneficial.

  • Lots of memory cards and batteries!

Additional Notes

The tour itinerary will be flexible to take advantage of the best photography opportunities available and thus is subject to change without notice. Costa Rica is a very safe place however as with all photography tours, you are responsible should any gear be broken or stolen trip/gear insurance for any tour is always recommended. To register for this tour please call or email mail as soon as you decide you would like to participate.

Important Notes:

*Due to having to book lodgings many months in advance and these costs being non-refundable, your $650 deposit is non-refundable unless we can refill your spot on the tour.

This is likely an international tour for most, so please make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months past the last date of the tour.

The tour itinerary will be flexible to take advantage of the best photography/videography opportunities available and thus is subject to change without notice. This photography/videography tour requires a minimum number of participants, if sufficient tour places are not sold the tour may not be run. Not all mentioned wildlife can always be observed and photographed, thus the aforementioned species should be considered our target species. No guarantee is made of photographing all or any of the mentioned species though it is likely we will see all/most of the species mentioned and much more.

Please email me with any questions you may have or if you are interested in putting down a deposit at


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